Thursday, May 15, 2008

My Alma Mater...more photos of Malacca High School

Malacca High School assembly area where we used to assemble for our Monday Negaraku song

Malacca High School field surrounded by some of the old blocks and HSOBA building.

The school hall which was built from student and public donation during my time.

My Alma Mater, Malacca High School is the second oldest school in the country after Penang Free School. I was admited to Malacca High School in the year 1975 doing my Form 1 and left school after completed my Form 5. Even though I was qualified to attend Form 6 Arts, I opted to study Building Technology at Tunku Abdul Rahman College in Kuala Lumpur.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

The lovely Mother's Day cake

My wife cutting the Mother's Day celebration cake.

My three Angels with her mum in front of the cake.

Last night we have a simple mother's day celebration at home. My three daughters bought a small cake for her mum from their own pocket money.

Monday, May 5, 2008

My Alma Mater...more photos of Banda Hilir English School

The back gate of Banda Hilir English School where some of the students waited for their buses.

The school football field which still exist and the canteen at the background.

The school assembly area where we gather every Monday for the Negaraku and speeches

Banda Hilr school hall entrance which still exist.Remember watching the Mohd Ali boxing match live on TV in this hall.

I like to share with my schoolmates who were in Banda Hilr English School the inside photos of some of the school blocks and facilities. Most of the old blocks are still there while there are old blocks replaced by new buildings. However the school hall and library are still around and so is the football field.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Down Memory Lane...revisited ny Alma Mater

The main block of Malacca High School.

In front of Malacca High School Guard House entrance
Myself in front of Banda Hilir English School entrance

Signboard of Banda Hilir English School.

Returned back to my Alma Mater after a lapse of more than 30 years.Went back to visit my primary school which was then called B.H.E.S Banda Hilir English School.Last left the school in the year 1974 after completed my Standard 6.Luckily the guard was kind enough to let me in to take some photos. Most of the school buildings remain intact except with new coat of paint and some minor renovation.It was located in Jalan Banda Hilir and I can still recalled we waited for our school bus at a field opposite the school.However the field is now occupied by Dataran Pahlawan, a new shopping complex.
Later went over to Malacca High School,my secondary school which was just a walking distance away from BHES.Luck was again with me when the guard allowed me in to take photographs. Walked into the school field where there was a cricket game going on.Fond memories returned as I strolled along the school.Managed to snap some photos of the school blocks,canteen,field and assembly area.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Mother's Day Celebration in Malacca

Group family photos taken with mum and dad after the dinner

Myself with my parents and other family members.
My mum and dad enjoying the vegatarian dinner

Went back Malacca with my family to celebrate Mother's Day with my mum and dad.My brothers and sister also came with their family members.We gather without fail every year at one of the vegetarian restaurant at Melaka Raya.Usually we will celebrate early to avoid the crowd.