Thursday, July 24, 2008

News from Abu Dhabi

Part of the street of Abu Dhabi

Part of the city of Abu Dhabi

Part of the skylines in Abu Dhabi

Yong posed in front of the pub with a African bouncer

My buddy from KL enjoying his beer and steak with me at one of the pub in AD

One of the old building being demolished to give way to new buildings

Dear Comrades,
10 days have passed in AD...Slowly adapting to the life and weather over here.We work halfday on Thursday and rest on Friday. In the month of Ramadhan we stop at 3pm.Attended the orientation session for new staff at our head office today.There were mixture of nationalities in Tamouh Investment, mostly from the Philiphines,India,Malaysia and Gulf nations.

Yesterday underwent the full medical check up given by the company.They even have my stool taken for examination.The dental check-up was good as it has been years I went for one since school days.The dentist adviced me to clean up my teeth deposits at the gum area and have make appointment to see him next week,We are only paying 20% of the cost.Accomodation is a big problem in Abu Dhabi.A small little studio room is going for AED5,000 per month and you need to pay 12 months upfront to get the room.Cars here are cheap and you can buy a decent used car for less than AED10k. New cars are affordable and Kia Picanto is selling at less than AED30k.Parking is free even in Shopping centre and there is no road tax over here.There are so many types of luxury cars in AD which you can't find in Malaysia.

Crime is almost zero in AD.Ladies feel safe to walk in the street at night.The punishment for crime committed is serious.You will be send to the jail before deported to your country of origin.Policemen are paid AED30K per month with housing facilities provided.The majority of the employee are either from Philpines,India,Pakistan and Gulf nations.The Pakistani are mostly taxi drivers or hard labourers,The indian operate the sundry shops and also as labourers,the Filipinos in the service industry as maids,clerical staffs,restuarants.The Gulf nation are from Egypt,Lebanons and are mostly semi-professionals.The locals hardly work as they are filthy rich and mostly as government servants and sponsors.They usually dressed in their traditional white custumes with the headwear kondura.

The construction work stop from 12noon to 3pm during the summer season.We are now experiencing the summer and weather now is touching 50 degree.The joke here is there are plenty of water in UAE even though it is a desert but no water shortage.Unlike in KL where we have plentiful of rainfall but facing water supply crises issue.Will post more photos soon.To be continue...

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