Monday, July 14, 2008

Farewell gathering with friends and relatives in KL and Malacca

My colleagues, consultants and contractors at farewell lunch in a Thai Restaurant in Taman Melawati.

My Malacca buddies enjoying dinner at farewell gathering in Malacca.

My childhood friend Richard Yeo, all the way from Johore Bahru to attend the farewell

Farewell lunch with my brothers,sister and parents at New Kingdom restaurant, Melaka Raya

Lunch farewell given by my brothers and sister at New Kingdom restaurant in Malacca

Farewell dinner organised by DAP Salak South at KFC Kuchai Lama

DAP Salak South N/V Chairman Abdullah Chong ( standing brown shirt) and secretary Fong Kok Leong white shirt at KFC Kuchai Lama restaurant

It was indeed a hectic weekend with many farewell gathering organised by friends and relatives before ny departure to Abu Dhabi. On the last day of my work on 9th of July 2008, my colleague,consultants and contractor treated me to a lunch at a Thai restuarant. Later in Malacca on Saturday night my Malacca childhood friends threw a farewell dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Melaka Raya.I was really touched by my buddy Richard and Quek who came all the way from JB and KL respectively to attend the dinner.
On Sunday, my brothers and sister bought me lunch at New Kingdom restaurant at Melaka Raya.Meanwhile at night, DAP Salak South treated me Kentucky Fried Chicken at the Jalan Kuchai Lama KFC outlet. Will be leaving for Abu Dhabi on the 15th July 2008 for new job assignment.

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